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Since version 2, Zune Minesweeper has supported custom skins. To add a custom skin of your own, follow these instructions.

Adding a Skin

  1. Open the Zune Minesweeper solution in Visual C# and go to the solution explorer.
  2. Drag the folder that includes the skin and drop it into the "Content" folder of the "Minesweeper" project.
  3. Now, to include this skin in the game on your Zune, click on "Build > Deploy Minesweeper". The skin will now be included in the game, and you can select it by going to the options menu.

Creating a Skin

  1. Pick a name for your skin. Create a folder with this name. Inside this folder, create new folders with the following names: "Borders", "Faces", "Menu", "Numbers", and "Tiles".
  2. You now need to make the images for your skin. All images should be in the .png format. For examples of the images, look at one of the skins included with the Zune Minesweeper release; your images should be the same size and in the same location of the skin folder as the images of the included skins.
  3. Once you have finished your files, you need to create the skinfo file. Open the Skinfo Creator application, available for download here. Fill out the information and create your skinfo.xml file. The skinfo file must be added to your skin's main folder.
Skinfo Creator Screenshot.PNG
  1. Your skin's folder should include the following files and folders:
  2. Borders/
    • B.png (16x8)
    • BL.png (8x8)
    • BR.png (8x8)
    • L.png (8x16)
    • R.png (8x16)
    • T.png (16x8)
    • TL.png (8x8)
    • TR.png (8x8)
  3. Faces/
    • dead.png (24x24)
    • happy.png (24x24)
    • scared.png (24x24)
    • win.png (24x24)
  4. Menu/
    • (optional, as specified in skinfo) header back.png (240x72)
    • (optional, as specified in skinfo) item back.png (212x36)
    • left arrow.png (11x21)
    • number back.png (55x39)
    • right arrow.png (11x21)
    • select.png (212x36)
    • top.png (240x72)
  5. Numbers/
    • -.png (13x23)
    • _.png (13x23)
    • 0.png (13x23)
    • 1.png (13x23)
    • 2.png (13x23)
    • 3.png (13x23)
    • 4.png (13x23)
    • 5.png (13x23)
    • 6.png (13x23)
    • 7.png (13x23)
    • 8.png (13x23)
    • 9.png (13x23)
  6. Tiles/
    • 0.png (16x16)
    • 1.png (16x16)
    • 2.png (16x16)
    • 3.png (16x16)
    • 4.png (16x16)
    • 5.png (16x16)
    • 6.png (16x16)
    • 7.png (16x16)
    • 8.png (16x16)
    • bomb.png (16x16)
    • clickedbomb.png (16x16)
    • flag.png (16x16)
    • hidden.png (16x16)
    • notbomb.png (16x16)
    • unknown.png (16x16)
  7. faceselect.png (24x24)
  8. select.png (16x16)
  9. skinfo.xml
  10. top.png (240x56)
  11. See above for instructions on adding your skin to the game. If you would like to distribute your skin, zip up your skin's folder and distribute the .zip file.

For instructions on adding a skin in the obsolete Version 2.0, see here.

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