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Version 1.0

Zune Minesweeper v1.0
  • First public release.

Version 2.0

Zune Minesweeper v2.0
  • Menus are now font-based.
  • Best times are now saved.
  • Preferences are now saved.
  • The buttons used to flag and click tiles can be switched.
  • Custom skins support added; 3 skins have been included and the skin can be chosen from the options menu.
  • Auto-selection of a tile after a tile is clicked is slightly improved; it will no longer select a flagged tile. Note that this feature only occurs if you have "Revealed tiles can't be selected" enabled.

Version 2.1

Zune Minesweeper v2.1
  • Adding a skin to the game no longer requires editing any code; one must simply add an xml file along with the skin's textures to the solution.

Version 2.2

Zune Minesweeper v2.2
  • Holding down a direction on the Dpad will result in the tile select scrolling.
  • The first clicked tile will never be a mine.
  • If a revealed tile is clicked and it is touching the correct number of flags, every other space it is touching will be revealed.
  • If the Zune has a touchpad, flicking one's finger from one side to the other will move the select as far as it can go in that direction.

Version 3.0

Zune Minesweeper v3.0
  • Updated to run in the XNA Game Studio 3.0 Beta.
  • Music support is now available through the Zune guide.
  • Custom fonts were removed from the custom skins; all skins use the preloaded font now.
  • Due to issues with the touchpad, the ability to move the select to the other side of the field by flicking has been removed.
  • Locking the Zune while one is playing a Minesweeper game will pause the game.

Version 3.1

Zune Minesweeper v3.1
  • Updated to run in the XNA Game Studio 3.0.
  • Added provisional touch support.
  • Added "Gray" skin by B.J. Miller.
  • "Blue" by B.J. Miller is now the default skin.

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