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Project Description
Zune Minesweeper is, oddly enough, a minesweeper clone for the Zune. It's Minesweeper! Developed by CouchPotato99.

Version 3.1 was just released! Check it out here!

main_menu.png big_field.png fail.png

For more screenshots, click here.

The Zune Minesweeper download includes multiple skins: The font used in the game is Miramonte. You can download it, along with other redistributable fonts, here.

Credit for the game's thumbnail goes to B.J. Miller.

Note: Versions of Zune Minesweeper prior to version 3.0 were developed in the XNA Game Studio 3.0 CTP and will not run on Zunes with the Zune 3.0 firmware. Additionally, Zune Minesweeper v3.0 and above won't run on Zunes with firmware earlier than 3.0.

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